The Ultimate Blog Profit Model

After going through this blog post, you’ll discover the ultimate blog profit model and how you can start using it to make some money for yourself. Cool?

Statistically, 80% of people who start blogging don’t make any money from their blogs not because blogging business isn’t profitable (of course not). We have seen people who have become millionaires through blogging and we have people who are making more than enough money to live on simply by running a blog the right way.

Now, the number one reason 80% of bloggers don’t make money is simply because they are bloggers and not internet marketers.

They simply write a couple of blog posts and then monetize their blogs with Google AdSense and it’s very difficult to make money with Google AdSense unless you have a very high amount of traffic coming to your blog on a regular basis.

And what happens if they can’t get high traffic coming to their blogs, they quit blogging and feel that it doesn’t work.

Blogging does work and not only that, it is profitable as well (If you do it the right way).


Here’s what 80% of bloggers who are making little or no money from blogging are doing, they simply create a blog and monetize their blogs with Google AdSense ads. That’s the typical way of making money from a blog because Google only $1 for a one thousand page impressions.

What does this means?

This means if your blog page is viewed a thousand times and the Google AdSense ads is seen a thousand times, Google would pay you only $1 for those impressions.

Now, let’s say your page is viewed a thousand times each day or 2 thousand times each day for 30 days you’ll probably be making $30 to $60 dollars a month and that’s not good enough, it’s very poor.

This is the model 80% of bloggers are using to run their blogs and that’s why they are not making any reasonable amount of money to live on.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people making more than enough money to live on with Google AdSense and the reason those people are making enough money with Google AdSense is because they have high amount of traffic coming to their blogs on a consistent regular basis.

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Most bloggers think that the money is made through the advertising on the blog but that’s not true, the real money is made on the backend not the frontend.

Quick story – I recently ran a paid ad with only ₦4,000 and made ₦50,000 in profit, if I subtract ₦4,000 I spent in advertising that means my profit was ₦46,000. And I did that by building relationship with the people I advertised to with my blog.

Can you see the power doing some things the right way?

If was to wait for Google AdSense I would probably be waiting for a very long time because I don’t have enough traffic to make reasonable amount of money with Google AdSense (though the program is a great program).

That’s my Google AdSense dashboard, it took a lot of hard work to make the $112.15 you are seeing on the screen right now. And as you can see also, I have $53.05 dollars in my Google AdSense account but Google would only pay once I get to the threshold of $100 dollars but I am not bothered about that because I can make money with my blog by using the ‘Ultimate Blog Profit Model’ and that’s the method of making money this post will teach you.

The point am trying to make in this post is that even if you are just starting out, you can start making money from your blog. That’s it.

If Google AdSense is your main focus when it comes to making money blogging, you’ll find it very difficult to make any reasonable amount of money if you do not have high traffic coming to your blog but if you have high traffic that’s fine.


If you really want to make money blogging, this is the model you should use. This model comprises of four parts:

  1. Run a paid or sponsored advertisement
  2. Capture leads
  3. Build relationship with the leads
  4. Put the leads through a sale funnel

Before we talk about these four steps, I want you to know something my friend and that is this;

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What most people think about advertising is this, they feel it is an expense but advertising is not an expense and it should never been seen as an expense, it is an investment. That’s why most people are not advertising and that’s why they are not making money online.

Another reason why most people are not running a paid advertisement for their business is because they don’t know how to convert leads into sales. That’s why they are scared to advertise.

If you can learn how to convert your leads into profit when you advertise, you’ve found a resource that can feed you for years and years to come if not a lifetime.

Let’s get back to the four steps of making money with the ULTIMATE BLOG PROFIT MODEL.


The number one reason why you need to be running a paid advertising is because we want to get our offer/products that we are selling in front of the right audience, that’s what paid advertising does.

If you don’t do paid advertising, it would be difficult for you to get in front of the right audience who needs your stuff. Make sense?

So, the number one step is to run a paid advertisement not to your blog but to your CAPTURE MACHINE like the one I have below:

That’s my CAPTURE MACHINE above, I usually run a paid advertisement to the page you are seeing above.

Lesson: Never run traffic to your blog, never ever. Always run traffic to your CAPTURE MACHINE. This will lead us to step number 2.


The biggest mistake new online entrepreneur usually make is to send paid traffic to their blog and not their CAPTURE MACHINE, they are basically throwing money out the window any time they do that.

So, before thinking about running a paid advertisement always make sure you have your CAPTURE MACHINE/LANDING PAGE setup first.

When you have that in place, you’ll be capturing prospects to your list and after that you’ll be able to build relationship with your list and then do business with them.

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I want you to know that every single dollars or naira that would come to you in this industry will be from someone else’s pocket and people don’t just give out money like that. They will pay you money if you have a relationship with them and something to sell.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a relationship with them, they won’t like to buy from you. That’s the truth.

When I mean building relationship with your list, I mean giving valuable information to your list. When you do that they will see you as a person of resource and would buy from you when you want to sell a product/an offer to them.


What does this mean? This simply means marketing your product/offer that you are selling to your list. Because you already have a relationship with them it wont be difficult to sell to them. Make sense?

Quick story – I ran a paid advertising to my CAPTURE MACHINE and I got about 35 leads, I started building relationship with them and giving them valuable information through my blog, two out of those people have become a paid customer and I profited ₦46,000, spent ₦4,000 to run the advertisement.

Even though it’s not a huge amount of money but am in profit, that’s what matters. Make sense?

So, that’s the ULTIMATE BLOG PROFIT MODEL. Use this model to run your blog, you’ll make money blogging if you do it the right way.


I wanted to leave you with a resource that I know can change your blog’s life, you can thank me later. Check out the link below:

5 Ways To Earn From Blogging Without Waiting For AdSense

Lemme know if you have any questions or suggestion in the comments.

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