Why You Need to Be Giving 10% of Your Income Away by Foster Hibbard

Why You Need to Be Giving 10% of Your Income Away by Foster Hibbard

So let’s talk therefore about giving. I see everything in the universe as in threes–one, two, three. And if anybody here has a computer, you might want to work that out. Get all the way up to the count of three–one, two, three. Anybody who can count to three can have anything he wants on earth, because everything in the universe is in threes. Spirit, mind, body–that’s it. Father, son, Holy Spirit–that’s it. Seed, soil, harvest–that’s it. Idea, action, results–that’s it. One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three–so
that is the trinity– three in one. There’re two steps in the transfer of property–two steps necessary–one giving, and the other receiving. If you have difficulty in receiving, accepting, you probably have difficulty in giving also, because they are a part–each is a part of the other. One coin, a head and a tail–the head is a part of the tail, and the tail is a part of the head on that coin.

So, giving is an important part of receiving, and receiving is an important part of giving. Practice receiving, if you have trouble accepting compliments, little gifts, favors, helping hands. “Oh, I’ll do it myself, thank you, Mother, do you mind, I’d rather do it myself.”
Accept, accept, accept–practice receiving, because the better able you are to receive, the better able you will be to give, and giving is where it all happens. Giving is where everything starts. Know where your source is. Plant the seeds, and expect the harvest, plant the seeds and expect the harvest. If the source is out in that field out there, then plant the seeds out in that soil. That’s where you’ll get your harvest. If you see your harvest coming from somewhere else, then plant the seeds there. Cultivate them and that’s where your harvest will be. Don’t–if you want your harvest from over here–don’t plant your seeds over here.
Marvelous story, a minister down in Arizona told. One of the congregation came to him one day and he said, “You got to have an appointment.”, so they had an appointment. And he said, ”Reverend, you know I’ve always done well in business. Suddenly it has all fallen apart,” he continued, “In a few months my boy’s going away to college. From his earliest memories all I’ve talked to him about is college, college, got to go to college. Everybody goes to college, got to be successful, got to go to college. I can’t put him in college. Can you imagine how I feel? All I’ve talked to him for all these years is college and I can’t send him there. I think they’re going to foreclose on my business. I don’t know how I’m going to make this next house payment, and every morning when I wake up and look out the window, I expect that the car was probably towed away during the night. My wife and I are just like this; there is so much tension over the money.
Can you help me, reverend?”
And this minister said, “Yes, I can help you.”
The man replied, “Oh, thank God, I knew you could, I knew if anybody could, you could, and what do I do? What do I do?”
The minister said, “Well first, just a moment, just a moment, what kind of a giving program do you have?”
And the man said, “My goodness, Reverend, haven’t you heard anything I’ve said? My giving program?”
“Oh”, countered the minister, “I’ve heard everything that you’ve said, and that’s why I’m asking you now about your
giving program”.
“Well, you ought to know you’re the minister in the church. You must know what everybody gives.”
“Oh no, I don’t want to know what anybody gives, I don’t want to look out over that congregation and say he gives one, he gives two, he gives three, he gives five, he gives twenty-five. I don’t want to know what anybody in the congregation gives; that’s up to the treasurer.”
The man finally said, “Do you really have to know?”
And the minister says, “No, I don’t have to know, only if you want my help. If you want my help, that’s the only reason I have to know”.
“Well alright,” he said, “I um, I um, I give a dollar a week.”
And he continued, “I don’t know how I can keep that up much longer, I’m being perfectly honest with you.”
And the minister said, “Fine, fine, alright now, this is what I want you to do; these are the instructions. Yes, just a
“Alright, O.K. I’m ready. What am I supposed to do Reverend?”
The minister said, “Starting immediately, I want you to give ten dollars a week and I don’t want you to talk to me about your business problems for six months. And at that time, if you’d like to get together and chat I’ll be very, very happy to.
Ahh, I see our appointment is over, it’s been nice having you stop by. And you know I wish you the best of luck. I think it’ll work out all right.” The minister said that in the next few weeks, he thought that the lines on the man’s face weren’t quite as creased as they had been, the worry lines didn’t seem to be quite as deep, but he didn’t say anything, and the man didn’t say anything to him either.
Six months almost to the day, he got a phone call.
“Reverend, how’d you like to have lunch?” It was the man.
“Love it. Where shall we meet?” They met at the restaurant,
and the minister said, “Well, did your boy get into college?”
And the said, “Yes, yes.”
“Oh that’s great,” replied the minister as he continued, “How are things with your wife?”
“Oh, never had such bliss in all the years we’ve been married.”
“And business?”
“Opened another branch. Booming,”
And the ministered said, “That is marvelous, then the ten dollars? You’re giving the ten dollars?” “No, no.”
The minister looked surprised, “no?”
“Come on Reverend, come on, you know, you’re putting me on.”
“No, I don’t know.”
“I’m up to twenty-five dollars now, Reverend, and I’m just about to increase it again!” He continued, “How come nobody told me about this, all these years? That’s the only change I’ve made in my operation, the only change I’ve made in my operation.”
Yes, planting the seeds, planting the seeds–everything in the universe–every thought I think, every feeling I feel, every word I speak, every action I perform, is an actual seed that implants itself in the universe and comes back to me, because I planted them, I planted them.
Here is one of the most exciting things that ever happened in any of my seminars and classes (I occasionally do a
prosperity seminar for churches in which I help them raise money, raise the money consciousness in the churches and so forth). It was about a year and a half ago down in Freemont, where there’s a church, and we had a group there. There was a girl sitting in the group, unbeknownst to me – I had never met her before and I found out later that she and her and husband have had this electronics company for several years, and it had done well. But for some reason, it was just about on the verge of bankruptcy.
One idea out of the entire day, (this was the not the millionaire’s seminar, this is the first time I’ve ever done
this. It was a seminar I call the prosperity seminar entitled “Say Yes to Wealth.”) I really leaned on “giving” during
that seminar, planting money seeds. She took that one idea away, saying “I’m broke anyway; I can’t see how
doing this could do us much more harm.”
She did something extremely interesting. She took ones – one dollar bills – she would go out on the street, and her
intuition would say, “That one…that person.” She would walk by and say “Good morning”, and impulsively,
instinctively, the other hand would go out.
Any time we reach instinctively, the other person’s hand comes out. She would plant the dollar bill and keep right
on walking. None of this “I am planting money, a money seed in your hand, and I am going to harvest a crop,” etc.
She kept right on walking. Then she would open the phonebook and she would let her fingers run down the
Whenever a name jumped off the page – that was it! A little note paper, “Dear So-and-so, hope you’re having a
good day,” etc. No signature. Enclose a dollar, seal and address. Leave no return address. This went on until she
moved to two dollars. Doing the same thing with two, things started happening over at the company. Meanwhile
over at the ranch – five dollar bills, ten dollar bills, twenty dollar bills – and it started pouring in.
Would you use the word “pour?” And at lunch this noon I happened to sit at her table, and she said that sales in
December alone were just under half a million dollars. And the overhead was way down. Finally, the husband, who
was a nuts and bolts man, who said that if it can’t be analyzed, it can’t work – finally the husband has come
along to believe that maybe – just maybe, maybe remotely possible that that giving had something to do with avoiding bankruptcy to a million dollars in value. That is a great inspiration to me when I hear stories like that. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
In the Arizona desert, there was an old prospector, who while digging around looking for traces of minerals, made
it a hobby to look for water also (since water is life in the desert). Wherever he found water, he would inevitably put
it in a cup, fill a gallon jug, and leave a note. And the note always said, “Whoever finds this, do not drink the water in
the jug. If you drink the water in the jug, the pump will never work again. And those who come after you will
never have water. The jug is only for priming the pump.
Give some to the pump and the pump will always give you all that you need and then fill the jug before you leave so
the next person can prime it.”
That’s the way life is too – prime the pump, give some first, and there will always be a deluge of money. Deluge
of money for you. “
“Prove me now – test me, go on I dare you. Whether I’ll not open the windows of heaven and poor you out a
blessing greater than you are able to receive – I dare you, test me. Where’s your courage? Test me.” Something to
that effect is written in the Bible.
There was once a hose, so the story goes, that decided it was tired of letting all the water go from the faucet and
out through the sprinkler onto the lawn. And the hose never got to keep it.
So one day the hose got smart and figured out – if it could in some way maneuver itself into a kink, it would get to
keep all of the water that came from the faucet, from the river, form the reservoir, from the mountains, from the
clouds, from the ocean. All for its self! Keep it, keep it! So in some way that no one has ever been figured out, that
hose kinked itself right in the middle of the lawn and sure enough it was right. No more water was wasted out
through the faucet. Nothing more was lost out the faucet! But what the hose hadn’t counted on was that the flow
stopped – everywhere. All the way back, to the reservoir.
And that’s what happens with everybody who starts. Everybody who reaches out and grabs and keeps, claw, scratch, keep – you stop the flow – for all things in the universe, our flow — an easy, easy, all so easy flow.
Nothing works hard. Have you ever heard a rose strain to open? Oh no, everything opens out easily and gives of
itself, and it’s giving receives all it ever needs, and so much more. Only mankind has learned how to stint. Even
that adorable little packrat – the packrat – it’ll find something that it wants, somebody’s tools in the garage,
the shiny hammer, the shiny wrench; the pliers, whatever.
First it goes up, and gets something that’s of value to a packrat. And it brings it in and carefully places it there,
and then it grabs the thing it wants, and drags it off. The intelligence of the packrat knows it must give first,
and then it takes what it wants. Plant the seeds and then accept the crop. Anything that comes to you. Don’t ever
say to a person, “I can’t accept that, that’s gorgeous, that’s beautiful, that must be worth two or three hundred
dollars.” – You’ve never even used it! You don’t know, you really don’t know whether you’re ever going to use that or
not. You’d better keep that. Oh thank you very much for wanting to give it to me but I can’t accept that.
Accept it! It’s being offered to you, not by just one person standing in front of you, it’s being offered by the universe, which is paying you back for something that you really would love to have, for all the things that you’ve given
along the way to other people. Anything that comes to you, recognize it belongs to you – good and bad. And
accept it.
I imagine many of you, if not most have read Jon Speller’s magnificent little book – it’s about seventy or eighty pages
– called “Seed Money”. Here’s the formula from the book, the seed money formula:
Number one: Plant the seed. In other words, give to some place.
Two, memorize these words – “I have received,” and fill in an amount which is exactly ten times the amount you just
gave. “I have received in return, with good, to all concerned.” Followed by, “Thank you, thank you, thank
So every time this girl, who has been such a great inspiration to me, this girl who went around handing out
the one dollar bills, the two dollar bills, the fives, tens, and twenties, every time she was handing out a twenty, she
could’ve said, “I have received two hundred dollars in return, with good, to all concerned. Thank you, thank you,
and thank you.”
Step three: repeat the formula again and again. Especially before you go to sleep, and when you’ve just awaken.
Because just before you fall asleep and just after you awaken you are in the alpha state, and you are extremely
receptive (your subconscious mind) to these ideas.
Step Four: start with an amount that you can believe in and that is large enough to be important to you. If a
person is on the verge of bankruptcy every one dollar is very important. But if you’re already affluent, you could
shrug your shoulders and say, “Hey, if it doesn’t work, what difference does it make?” and not really put yourself
into it.
Start with an amount that really means something to you. That would depend on each individual’s attitude towards
money. If a person has never been able to give any money, he’s always been uptight about money – then one
dollar would really mean something to that person, regardless of how rich that person was, one dollar would
seem like a lot.
Sure, let’s spend a hundred dollars for dinner! What do you mean? You want me to give a dollar?! I won’t – it’s not
my lifestyle! So it’s up to the individual as to the amount that he would start with. It needs to be large enough to be
important to that person and avoid all doubts as to whether it works – it does, it does, it does.
It’s like all of the thousands of people that I have lectured to trace it back to the Egyptian hieroglyphs six thousand
years ago. And the Egyptians, the Persians, the Arabians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese – and in more recent
times, Colgate, Heinz, Rockefeller – all used it – and have proved it!
I have people come up to me and say, “Foster, you really think that works, huh?”
Well I know it works. It’s been tested by goodness knows how many people over six thousand years.
He’d continue by saying, “I guess one of these days I’ll give it a try and see if it really works.” This one person
intends to disprove all of history, down through the ages – either prove or disprove. I always get a kick out of that.
Finally, in step five, in the seed-money formula, tell no one that you are doing it. If you ever read Lloyd Douglas’s
magnificent obsession, that we mentioned earlier – the first two chapters that he threw in the garbage and then
went back and got out again. You remember the theme – the magnificent obsession – is to give, and not let anybody
know that you have given. Keep it a secret. Otherwise the ego that other people know, the ego gives you the
satisfaction, and what it is really after is your pocketbook to get the satisfaction.
Let it be our harvest, coming back, and not a reward for your ego. Every one of us here could be convinced that
everything that comes to us is what we have planted. It’s just a harvest. Second by second, minute by hour by week
by month by year, throughout a lifetime — it is a harvest that we have planted.
Accept the fact that each of us is in charge of his own private world. Each of us is the ruler that sets the theme of
a lifetime. That each of us, decides for himself or herself, what kind of health it’s going to be, what kind of
relationships with other people, what kind of success and income. That would be so wonderful.
There was a group of men working on a construction job.
Actually they all wore hard-hats. They brought their lunches every single day in the lunch pails, and one of
them was always a problem, because inevitably he would open his lunch pail and start screaming (which gave the
others indigestion).
Screaming, “Oh no! Not again, peanut butter sandwiches! I hate peanut butter sandwiches!” Day after day, week after week, he’d do that. Finally the others went farther and farther away from him and left him all alone to each lunch.
And in the distance they could hear him shouting – “Oh no! Not again, peanut butter sandwiches! I hate peanut butter sandwiches!”
Finally one of them said to the others one day – “I’ve had it! I have had it! I’m going to talk to him!” So he went over
to the man, and said, Hey, we all know that you hate peanut butter sandwiches – it’s no secret around here any
longer, ok? Now look, what we want you to do, and I’m the spokesman, when you go home, tell your wife that you
don’t want any more peanut butter sandwiches.”
Very weakly the answer came, “I can’t do that.”
“What do you mean you can’t do that? What are you, afraid of your life? Well, why can’t you do that?”
Meekly the man replied, “I can’t do that because I pack my own lunch. I pack my own lunch!”
That’s what life is all about. Each of us packs his or her own lunch. So whatever lunch it is that you open when you
open it every single day – it’s the lunch that you packed the day before.
So don’t stay there hating peanut butter sandwiches when you packed them yourself! All of life is what you have
created. The exciting part of it is that at any particular moment of any day you can change what you’re thinking,
feeling, or saying and doing.
Automatically, the universe – with it’s magnificent mirror that reflects back to you everything you think, say, feel,
and do – reflects something new back to you, something better, something more prosperous, more loving, more
helpful, more successful and more affluent – all because you changed what you put in your lunch pail. Remember
that. Remember that.
Let’s feel for a moment that all of this universal energy is actually gold dust. And it is, because gold is made out of
pure energy.

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